Expert Says Kissing Dog On Mouth Can Result In Loss Of Limbs Or Death, Pet Owners Willing To Take The Risk.

Few individuals can resist giving kisses to an adorable dog or cat, even though they are aware of where their beloved pet’s tongue has been.

However, numerous individuals are either uninformed or indifferent to the fact that letting a dog or cat lick your face can result in severe bacterial infections. These infections can potentially lead to the loss of limbs or, in certain instances, even be fatal.

There are usually two types of people when it comes to allowing their pet’s tongue to touch their lips.

One is “give me more,” while the other says, “no thanks.”

Although puppy and kitty kisses may seem cute, thinking about where their tongues have been – like their nether region or eating poop-stained grass – might make the expression of love less adorable.

Furthermore, the residue left behind by your furry companion while licking your skin can pose a serious risk to humans.

A TikTok user warns, “If you’re kissing your dog on the mouth, it’s time to quit.”

The person known as “medexplained2you” is a PA (physician’s assistant) who includes a disclaimer on their profile to prevent any future anger, stating that their advice is not professional medical advice.

“You could actually lose your limbs over it.” He continues, “I’m unfortunately not kidding, because kissing your dog on the mouth can actually cause an infection with something called Capnocytophaga Canimorsus.”

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention states that Capnocytophaga is a type of bacteria found in the mouths of dogs and cats. These bacteria do not cause any illness in cats or dogs, but they can be transmitted to humans through scratches, bites, and close contact with domesticated pets.

The CDC writes, “Capnocytophaga infection can cause serious complications, including heart attack, kidney failure, and gangrene. Some people may need to have fingers, toes, or even limbs amputated because of complications from severe infection.”

The CDC states that individuals infected will display symptoms within three to five days, and approximately 30% of those with a severe infection (such as sepsis) will not survive.

In some cases, the infection can quickly worsen and cause death in individuals with weakened immune systems. Older adults, heavy drinkers, and individuals without a spleen are also more vulnerable to this risk.

The TikTok user explains the potential risks of having pet saliva in or on your mouth, cautioning people about the dangers. “depending on how fast it progresses and when it’s diagnosed, amputation may become the only treatment.”

Kiss of death?

In recent years, there have been several notable cases related to Capnocytophaga that have garnered significant attention.

In August 2022, Charlbi Dean, a South African actress, passed away unexpectedly due to bacterial sepsis. The 32-year-old actress, known for her role in “Triangle of Sadness,” had her spleen removed following a car accident in 2009. Her family believes that this may have played a role in the rapid development of the infection.

The medical examiner did not confirm if the infection in Dean’s case was caused by an animal.

In 2019, Marie Trainer from Ohio had to have her hands and legs removed due to a rare infection she got from a German shepherd puppy named Taylor. Despite the near-death experience, Trainer is keeping both of her dogs and had them come visit her in the hospital.

She informed CNN that they had brought them to the hospital twice, which made me smile the widest.

In June 2018, doctors discovered the presence of Capnocytophaga canimorsus bacteria in two separate patients from Wisconsin, causing concern.

Sharon Larson, a 58-year-old woman from Milwaukee, passed away after a minor nip from her dog. In a separate incident, Greg Manteufel, a 48-year-old man from West Bend, had to undergo a life-saving surgery where his hands and lower legs were amputated. Manteufel mentioned that he had been in contact with some dogs, but he was not bitten.

Larson and Manteufel were both said to be in good health, indicating that anyone can be susceptible to capnocytophaga.

Easy fix

The TikTok user suggests, “Why not save yourself the trouble and stop kissing your dog? It seems like a simple solution to me.”

However, most internet users were not impressed by his advice, and pet enthusiasts ridiculed the idea of not kissing their furry companions.

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One user writes, “I’ve been doing it for 60 years and I still have all my limbs!!” A second shares, “Nah I’m just gonna have to take that risk… that’s my son.”

A third adds, “I’ll never stop. they’re not dogs, they’re my sons.”

Some people joked that dogs have cleaner mouths than certain individuals.

“I’ve kissed a few dogs in my time but not the 4-legged kind,” shares one, while another writes, “Kissing my husband is not any better.”

Some internet users found value in the advice given by the TikTok user.

One shares, “Absolutely agree!!!! I grew up knowing this. I can’t believe people let dogs kiss even kids’ mouth.” Another adds, “Louder please. So the ones with newborn babies stop thinking it’s cute to let the dog kiss the babies in the mouth.”

What do you think about this story? Would you allow your dog or cat to lick your lips ? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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