Expectation vs reality of 28 products from Chinese websites

Taking into account that buying things over the Internet is very safe since there are numerous payment methods and the vast majority of them guarantee the security of your bank details. We just have to be careful with the pages where we enter because they can be “suspicious” and with the pages where we buy because not all of them are trustworthy.

You have to know that although it is more difficult to not deceive, it does not mean that it is not impossible. In fact, small “deceptions” on pages where you buy certain products are becoming very fashionable and although in the photos said product is ideal, when it comes down to it, it is not what we expected and is a little bit close to something “horrible.” ”.

It is likely that more than one person will identify with what we have just mentioned and it has happened to ALL of us at some point, especially if we are one of those people who buy clothes since the difference between what we wanted is much more noticeable. will come to us and what has come to us. It may also be that although the clothing that we received corresponds to a large extent with the photograph we had seen, it is the material from which it is made that is the problem because many times, although it is similar to the photo, the quality of the fabric is doubtful.

Given the problems that we have exposed, there are two options that we can do. The first is to complain to the pages that we have purchased and be lucky enough to get our money back or the second option is to take it with humor and make a small comparison between expectations vs reality.

The “tough boy” belt that becomes the toy for the children.

A coat for elegant days becomes…

The new trend in the neck of women’s blouses.

I think the gold color of the necklace was lost along the way.

When the coat is neither the color nor the expected shape.

If we want our jeans “wrinkled” we must make a comment saying that we want them that way because…

This is what the diet does to stuffed animals.

This does have a great explanation and it is that the Eiffel Tower dresses a lot.

That garment is missing some things…

This is what wedding dresses look like for $63…

Where was the fun in the shape of the dress? Where?

Any resemblance is just a coincidence.

No comment…

Badly cut piece of fabric vs blouse

It’s not that we doubt that the dress is not pretty but maybe a little longer would be great…

If anyone along the way sees the rhinestones missing from this dress, let them tell the girl who bought it that the poor thing will be looking for it.

This dress is perfect for making rags with…

The shape of the dress should not be the strong point of this page…

This woman must have been very optimistic to think that the dress on the left or something similar would arrive.

That dress neither in photography nor in reality, too much!

You can tell they’ve worked on the details for hours! HA!

Another dress that they forgot to put a bit of grace into the shape.

Of course, the flight of that skirt must be an optical effect.

This time the colors were more similar.

You wanted to look like a real little princess with your new dress but this appears to you.

At least for carnival, plucked chicken can serve as…

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