Dr. Suess Book Brings Out These Magical Cotton Candy Roses

Most of the state fairs and fall festivals have been cancelled this year due to the health conditions prevailing in the world.

And definitely you are missing cotton candy. But you can totally make it at home. There’s something about seeing a sea of puffy pink cotton candy walking around a state fair or fall festival that screams IT’S FALL.

This might be the next best thing. Even though it may not taste like cotton candy, it sure looks like a sea of that pretty pink fluffy stuff.

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This flower totally looks just like that spun candy floss!

It is called the Prairie Smoke Flower and it is really amazing!

It looks like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.

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Prairie Smoke Flower grows in wild on the prairies of the United States.

If you are planning to grow it, you need to plant this flower somewhere where it can drain, have direct sunlight, and maybe just a little shade.

The Prairie Smoke Flower can withstand drought conditions. So don’t worry if you forget to water it.

You can buy these uniquely beautiful flower seeds on the Amazon website. They sell about $15 per bag of seeds.

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