Don’t Toss Those Eggshells! Here’s Why You Should Keep Them.

Are you constantly using up a large number of eggs at home? You’re not the only one. Eggs are not just tasty and full of protein, but their shells also have numerous benefits. Instead of considering them as waste, here are seven convincing reasons why you should keep those eggshells.

1. Natural Pest Deterrent

Are slugs, worms, and snails causing damage to your lovely flowers? Don’t worry! Just sprinkle some crushed eggshells around your plants and witness the amazing results. These pests detest the texture of eggshells, so they will hesitate before approaching your garden.

2. Repels Deer

If you live near a forest, you may have deer eating your plants. But don’t worry! Put eggshells around your plants to keep them away. Deer don’t like the smell of eggshells. Try it out and say goodbye to unwanted plant eaters. To find out more about plants that deer don’t like, click here.

3. Bird Feed

Birds visiting your garden is a real joy. They not only sing beautiful songs for you, but also assist in managing pests. And you know what? Birds really love eggshells! Just sprinkle some in your garden, and see how these feathered companions gather to enjoy their favorite snack.

4. Boost Your Soil’s Health

Eggshells are filled with calcium and other nutrients that can greatly benefit your soil. When you incorporate crushed eggshells, you can improve the overall well-being of your soil and provide your plants with the essential nutrients they require to flourish.

5. Keep Your Veggies Healthy

Some vegetables, such as tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers, can rot because they lack calcium. To avoid this problem, bury crushed eggshells in the soil near your vegetable plants. This will help keep your veggies healthy, colorful, and tasty.

6. Achieve Balanced Soil

Are your favorite plants struggling to grow because your soil is too acidic? No need to worry! You can use eggshells to solve this problem. By burying eggshells in the soil around these plants, you can balance the pH level and create a better environment for them to thrive.

7. Composting Made Easy

Instead of throwing away eggshells, why not compost them? Crushed eggshells are a great addition to your compost pile or bin. Composting them helps improve the health of your garden and reduces waste.

When you crack open an egg, consider keeping the shells for your garden instead of throwing them away. It can help make your lifestyle more eco-friendly.

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