Donna Turns 108 And Reveals The Secret To Having A Long Life.

What is the secret to a long life? Is there really one? Some people seem to live much longer than others and, looking at those who pass away due to natural causes due to old age, there are not many who manage to widely exceed the milestone of a century. A woman who turned 108 explained why she blew out so many candles: let’s find out together.

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Ada Daniel has been living in Ashmere Nursing Home, Derbyshire, England, for several years now. The woman reached the milestone of 108 years, celebrated by the staff and fellow residents, explaining what the secret of her longevity is: choosing to have dogs rather than children. Ada was in fact the happy owner of numerous greyhounds, a breed particularly famous for its high racing speed, but she never became a mother. So she, with great irony, said that, in all likelihood, her preference for these animals rather than children contributed to her earning such a long life.

In honor of her birthday, the care home asked for greeting cards to be sent for her and received around 300. The staff decided to organize a surprise party for her, complete with tea and balloons which were sent along with the greeting cards.

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Activities coordinator Kelly Goucher said: “Ada doesn’t have many family members anymore. She never had children, so she doesn’t have any grandchildren, but we wanted to get as many well wishes as possible for her. She really enjoys the fact that people know about her because of his age.” So, after launching the appeal on Facebook, the staff was surprised to see how many users decided to participate in the occasion, sending a thought for Ada. The same thing had been done three years earlier when the old woman celebrated her 105th birthday and received around 200 tickets to pay homage to her.

“She’s definitely a character, “ Goucher said. “I asked her what her secret was once and she said it was having dogs and not babies. She was very excited for her birthday, counting down to the big day. We also received banners with her photos and balloons with his name on them.”

What do you think of Ada’s long-life “secret”?

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