Donkey Has The Time Of His Life When Mom Brings Him A Screaming Chicken.

Everyone has a different sense of humor, so what one person finds funny, another may not. It’s okay to enjoy something even if others don’t find it amusing.

Version 1: The ‘screaming chicken’ rubber squeeze toy is definitely one of the wackiest and most unique things you can buy. It’s a hilarious item that can bring a lot of fun to anyone. Interestingly, it was originally used in slapstick comedy and has now become popular among the masses.

TikTok became flooded with videos of chickens screaming, and it quickly became popular. These were not your ordinary rubber chickens that are usually amusing; these ones actually scream when you give them a squeeze.

Someone thought it was a good idea to upgrade and give their pet donkey a screaming chicken. They demonstrated the chicken’s abilities before introducing it to the donkey’s area.

After throwing the screaming chicken into the donkey’s enclosure, one would expect the donkey to rush towards it. However, the reality was quite different as they actually tossed a rubber chicken, and the donkey simply craved affection.

After receiving some attention, the donkey rushes towards its reward. It starts circling the area, affectionately hugging the squawking chicken and relishing in the delightful noise it produces.

The donkey gets so excited that he even stands on two legs to show his happiness.

The video might be a bit brief, but it’s so hilarious that you’ll want to watch it repeatedly. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh?

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