Doing these 24 annoying things will pay off for a lifetime.

Staying in your comfort zone is not always as good as going out of it: according to psychologists, it is by constantly facing new challenges that we gain self-esteem, confidence, and serenity. Or at least these are the long-term effects, initially, it may be normal to feel discomfort and a sense of opposition. 

In particular, there are 24 very annoying things that doing leads to a superior state of well-being: will you be able to do them all? 

  • 1. Getting up early: waking up at dawn allows you to experience a peaceful and quiet time of day, ideal for starting the day on the right foot.
  • 2. Do physical activity in the morning:  it is no coincidence that many people – especially the super busy ones – choose the morning to do some sport. Not only does it restore energy throughout the day, but it’s also a way to avoid procrastination.
  • 3. Take a cold shower: Taking a great cold shower at the end of the day doesn’t sound so relaxing. However, cold water is good for the skin, dissolves stress (strange but true) and improves blood circulation.  
  • 4. Keep track of what you eat: if unregulated eating is a problem for you, recording what you eat is the first step in changing eating habits. You will be surprised when you realize that you consume tens of grams of sugar per day. There are many apps that make journaling easier. 
  • 5. Be honest: an expert recommends writing down on paper what good or bad things you have to say to a person. Then, you can choose to deliver the letter to the interested party or speak to him or her face to face. In many cases it will be liberating – don’t forget respect, of course! – in others it will serve to consolidate your emotions.
  • 6. Ask questions about everything: asking questions even about what seems obvious will lead to curious discoveries. It will make you rediscover that curious attitude towards life which is the key to staying young mentally.
  • 7. Eating only healthy foods:  why does it fall among the uncomfortable things? Because paying attention to what you eat can be expensive and socially limiting at times: trying to pay exaggerated attention to food, however, helps you acquire a certain awareness of normality. 
  • 8. Record expenses: Often, closing your eyes and quickly forgetting about a large expense is the best way to make it painless. The challenge, however, is to keep track of every single penny spent, to regain control of spending and replenish your wallet while avoiding compulsive spending. It will be curious to find out how much the savings are when everything is monitored.
  • 9. Start saving for old age : yes, thinking about old age is not among the most pleasant things in this world, but getting into the habit of setting aside a sum for a future pension will pay off. The best investors recommend making an effort when you are young and giving up some expenses to create credit to spend in the future. Does it feel like something more pleasant now?
  • 10. Public speaking: a real nightmare for many. Speaking in front of an audience, whether large or small, helps a lot to improve communication skills and strengthens self-esteem. Ideal if you lack both.
  • 11. Reading for pleasure alone: ​​reading is good for you, especially when the reading is not demanding. Reading just for fun will make you smarter, less stressed and depressed. Many of you won’t have time to read, but finding a little space for this activity will pay off. 
  • 12. Cultivate hobbies: Having time to follow passions is the secret to a balanced life. 
  • 13. Focus on one thing at a time:  Multitasking is an increasingly popular skill among people who juggle multiple jobs, homes and families. To live well, however, it is better to focus on one thing at a time. It’s not always possible, but promising yourself not to crowd projects when it’s possible to sequence them will do you some good. 
  • 14. Take time for yourself: Being with yourself is not a pleasant thing for everyone. However, learning to meditate – which means knowing how to at least stay in the present moment – ​​will introduce you to a new way to relieve anxiety naturally.
  • 15. Meeting strangers: each of us has a circle of friends, but benefits also come from meeting new people. It is a way to be aware of yourself and others.
  • 16. Volunteering: donating to charity doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but forcing yourself to do it will give you a sense of belonging to a community that will bring improvements to all other areas of life. 
  • 17. Practice patience: No one likes standing in line when you have thousands of things to do. However, waiting is something that has always been part of society, but today we are no longer willing to be patient. Getting used to being patient again will bring many more benefits than pawing around uselessly.
  • 18. Achieve a nearly impossible goal: Doesn’t it seem annoying enough to try to do something that you think is nearly impossible? Yet it is one of the things that according to experts serve to free us from the limits we impose on ourselves. Doing something “impossible” is possible simply by starting to do it in its simplified version and then complicating it more and more.
  • 19. Cut bad habits: we love bad habits so much, they are more satisfying than good ones. But giving it a rest is something that will improve our health and also our person. Identify what triggers bad habits and intervene on the causes. 
  • 20. Check your inbox less: Your inbox is full of things  others  want you to do. You don’t have to put these goals ahead of your workday priorities.
  • 21. Be grateful: psychologists recommend identifying something to be grateful for, to enrich the mind with positive thoughts. In this way the brain will re-educate itself to give importance to what is good about us and not to focus only on what goes wrong. 
  • 22. Turn off your phone before sleeping: the alarm clock excuse doesn’t work. It rings even when the cell phone is turned off. Turning off your phone in the evening prevents you from being disturbed while you sleep, but above all it allows you to delay turning it on the following morning. The well-being of not being woken up by an incoming email is priceless.
  • 23. Stop dwelling on the past: There is nothing wrong with reflecting on past mistakes to try to correct them in the future. However, wallowing in sadness is not something so beneficial.
  • 24. Getting enough sleep: Yes, this is also very annoying, because it might mean going to bed early. Without enough sleep, however, we have virtually no chance of enjoying long-term happiness. 

Ready to step out of your comfort zone? 

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