Dog Passed Away Days After Its Owner, It Was “Death From Sadness”.

This 8-year-old puppy was always healthy, he didn’t get sick and his energy was enviable. However, when his owner passed away, after a few days he faded away and ended up passing away. They call it “Death by sadness”.

It is said that dogs are the most faithful creatures on the planet, it is not for nothing that they earned the nickname “man’s best friend”. However, many are still surprised that puppies sometimes accompany their owner everywhere, even to the afterlife.

Through an extensive Twitter thread , user Víctor Coronado shared his and Dante’s story. In this he talks about his dog who followed Victor’s boyfriend, Eliot, after his death and how they said goodbye before the fateful event.

“My boyfriend and Dante were very close, Eliot spoiled him a lot and Dante was super cool with him. They could be like this all day,” said Víctor, attaching a photo of the very close couple.

“When Dante was 5 years old, I decided to give my boyfriend a dog named Nova. Nova was hers, her eyes, he adored her, she took her to CDMX when she went to live there for a year and she loved her very much, ”Víctor told about the second puppy that came into her life.

But one day, Eliot left, deeply affecting Victor’s heart and that of his pets. “The day Eliot died, our dogs resented him a lot, they went to bed and only saw me cry, I tried to be strong for them, but I couldn’t. One day, I sat down with them and snuggled them up and told them that Eliot loved them very much, that he was going to take care of them from there.

What worried Víctor the most was Dante’s attitude, which had changed drastically: “He turned to look at me and I literally saw tears coming out of his eyes, it was very impressive, it was as if he totally understood what I was saying.”

The puppies accompanied him in his sadness, but even so, Dante was still strange. He had his paws “asleep” and he could barely walk. This situation forced Víctor to take him to the vet to do studies.

“The next day I went to work and Dante was fine, I made love to him and said goodbye to him,” Victor said, not knowing that this would be the last time he would see his puppy alive.

“He wagged my tail and I left happy because I had seen him much better. I remembered that the tests would be delivered to me later and I thought there was nothing wrong with him. When I got back from work around noon, I found Dante dead. He was gone from me,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I cried so much, I couldn’t believe my boyfriend had just died and days later my dog ​​was leaving me too. I felt like he was driving me crazy. My whole soul ached, ”he continued.

Víctor urgently called the vet, who arrived in less than five minutes to attend to the case. He pressured them to send him the results to find out what had happened to Dante: “It turns out that the studies said that he had many diseases. I don’t remember exactly which ones. But there were several.”

In the words of the professional, Dante suffered “death3″ out of sadness.” Due to Dante’s sadness, his defenses dropped to such a point that he became completely ill in a matter of days.

“At that moment I understood everything. Dante, my dog, had decided to accompany Eliot in his other life so as not to leave him alone and Nova, who was Eliot’s heart, had stayed with me,” Victor wrote.

Currently, Victor lives with Nova and they are one, because for him this dog represents Eliot, his boyfriend, and the great love they had for each other.

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