Dog Cried With Happiness When She Was Reunited With Her Former Police Trainer

A dog cried with happiness when she was reunited with her former police trainer. Since, this canine provided her services for several years in the Xichuan police, China. Later, in 2019, when she was 8 years old, she was removed from the police. But she never forgot her great friend, so she reacted movingly.

Dog cried with happiness when she saw her former trainer again

It is a German Shepherd breed dog . After serving her in the police, she was retired due to her age. Despite the time that has passed, this dog never forgot the scent, the voice and everything of her former trainer. The time they shared together managed to form a very special bond between them.

This bitch’s name is Wangwang . When she was removed from the police they sent her to a permanent home. So this dog could enjoy her more adult years in a calmer way.

One day, the coach was on patrol near Wangwang’s new house. So he decided to visit her . He remained outside the house and called out to her. Immediately, the dog rushed to the police officer, she quickly identified him.

It was really emotional to see her reaction. Tears of happiness were even seen on her face From her. Her emotion was uncontrollable and evident. It was as if they were still together doing the training. She sniffed at it and immediately began to approach the policeman to pet her.

What happened after the meeting

This reunion was captured in a moving video . Which went viral on different social networks. By focusing on the dog’s face you can see the tears in her eyes. The love that our pets are willing to give is impressive.

After the policeman visited Wangwang, he was supposed to go back on patrol. Surprisingly, she refused to let him go . So she sat right next to her as if she didn’t want to let go of the grandmaster of her. She just wanted another time with him playing and having fun. Without a doubt, she shows that she missed him a lot .

This dog cried with happiness for the love she felt for her former trainer. It is a sample of the capacity to love and to remember that they can have. You can enjoy the moment in the following video. Share this heartwarming story and tell us what you think about this adorable experience.

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