Doberman Dog Broke A Wall And Watch How He Showed His Regret

A Doberman dog broke through a wall in his house. When they discovered it, it was too late to escape. Here you can see his reaction after his owner discovered his pranks. Everything was captured in a fun video that you can see in this post.

Doberman dog broke a wall at home and was captured

The owner of two dogs, including a Doberman, was surprised when she returned home. She observed a huge hole in the wall . So she asks both dogs who made them. By asking the Doberman, the house of her is completely innocent.

He turns to the wall and looks at what happened while wanting to find a justification. It is very funny to see the expression of this animal when its owner asks if he did it. His face expressed regret for those pranks.

Some reasons why it could have this behavior

Doberman dogs are considered watchdogs . If they receive adequate training they can be affectionate and very attentive. In fact, they are one of the most faithful dogs that exist. In addition to this, they are quite strong dogs with a lot of energy.

That is why they need regular physical activity . Otherwise, this breed can become irritable or aggressive. It is proven that by receiving proper training they can be sociable and friendly. They can even get along with the children of the house.

The exact reason why this dog did this mischief is unknown. However, there were many comments found on the social network Facebook. Those who watched the video expressed concern . Since, it is possible that the animal is not exercising enough. Or maybe you need to get outdoors.

However, other users mentioned their personal experience. They agreed that his Doberman dogs also did pranks like these . Therefore, another reason for these antics is the strength they have . In fact, energy and vitality is a common characteristic of the breed.

Another possibility is that this Doberman dog broke through a wall to get attention. Just like a child, he demands the affection and attention of his mother. Whatever the reason, this video became one of the most viewed. Enjoy it and give us your opinion. Do not forget to share in your networks.

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