Despite His Nerves, Christopher Maloney Delivers an Emotional X Factor Performance.

As we sit comfortably in front of the TV, we often enjoy watching talent shows like The X Factor. It may seem like stepping on stage in front of the whole country wouldn’t be too scary. Of course, there would be some nerves, but hey, it can’t be that bad, right? Today, we have a candidate who showed us that stage anxiety is real and managed to win the hearts of the audience instantly.

Christopher Maloney, a 34-year-old customer service advisor from Liverpool, had never participated in an event like The X Factor before. It took him five years to gather the courage to go for it. Despite being nervous when he took the stage, the audience appreciated his genuine personality and smile as he spoke, and they cheered him on. Watch his performance in the video below

Before the show, he confessed that he had misjudged the audience size. He seemed nervous about performing in front of people, but he completed the application and tore it up several times before finally deciding to audition. Despite his fears, he found the courage to go through with it with his family’s encouragement.

He showed his strong dedication to his family by moving in with his grandma after his grandfather passed away. This shows that she is his biggest supporter. During his audition, he sang “The Rose” by Bette Midler as a tribute to his late grandfather. Here is the original version of the song performed by Bette Midler

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