Despite being born in prison, this girl has achieved great results against all prejudices

Everything that happens in your life determines who you are. Each one is the result of one’s own experiences, each element becomes a scar that characterizes one’s personality. Often some individuals fall into the abyss, but have the strength to get back up . Too often we tend to judge and categorize people based on the events that have happened to them, without knowing their story, we tend to look only at the cover without really analyzing and discovering the other, i.e. its content. We must enter into the conception that although we are children of our own experiences, these can be overcome and used to create a new version of ourselves .

The girl protagonist of the story knows it well who, despite being born in prison and cataloged for this reason, has shown that prejudices are very often nothing but falsehoods . In fact, she has achieved some very important milestones . Let’s see better what happened.

Aurora Sky Castner is an 18-year-old Texan girl who graduated from high school and came out with one of the highest grades in the entire school. The aspect that makes her story interesting is that her story was born in the Galveston County Jail (Texas, United States). In fact, her mother gave birth to her in prison , but despite this, the eighteen year old was not conditioned by prejudices, and showed that if you want it in your life, and if you want it, you can achieve any goal you want. desires. After high school, she will start attending one of the most prestigious universities in the world, namely Harvard University .

Aurora’s mother was incarcerated shortly before the baby was born. Her father then decided to take care of her daughter and raise her as a single dad . This aspect of her life, it seems, has not affected her, also thanks to the help of her loved ones. The elementary school in the small town where she lived placed her in a mentorship program , which consisted of having her have lunch at least once a week with an adult who would advise her on her future. In this way she was encouraged to always give the best of herself , and not to let herself be influenced by her story and her prejudices, but to use them as a strength  from which to start.

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