15 Denim Clothing Designs So Horrible They Will Make Your Eyes Bleed

Originally, denim was exclusively for men and over time, it has become a basic garment for both women and men when choosing our daily clothing.

Designers make garments and establish fashion standards, but there are others who go overboard by creating these 15 denim garments that, far from being an icon, are worthy of being thrown in the trash, because I don’t think there is any person who is willing to use them. Are you ready to make your eyes bleed when you see these horrible designs?

1. They will never know the distance that separates your navel from your knees

2. Innovative cold shoulder jacket design

3. Do you want your knees to show off?

4. Ideal for when you don’t know whether to wear a skirt or pants

5. Today are pants with a zipper at the back

6. “Sexy” pants with thong included

7. If you want to look sexy, this garment is ideal

8. Something for halftime…

9. Elephant foot jeans are back

10. From pants to shorts: two-in-one garment

11. It started out as a pair of pants and ended up in this horrible thing.

12. If you like flamenco, these jeans are for you

13. In honor of the sweater that goes around the waist

14. When you want to look like a sack of potatoes, but with style

15. Asymmetrical dresses are in fashion

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