Deaf Man Looks At His Bride But Starts To Cry When She Shows Him Her Finger.

Communication comes in various forms. While some of it involves speaking, the majority of it is conveyed through nonverbal means.

It becomes even more evident when you are deaf. You have a completely unique way of communicating, and it can be challenging when the people around you don’t understand your language.

At a recent wedding, this fact was beautifully displayed. During a traditional wedding, the bride and groom walk down the aisle together while a song plays.

Version 1: Scott Shoesmith, the groom, was filled with joy to be married, even though he couldn’t hear the song. He is deaf, while his wife, Elizabeth, is not.

They communicate effectively even though he is deaf. She wanted to create a special experience for him to fully enjoy the song.

Scott was the initial person to step onto the aisle and he stood patiently at the altar, eagerly awaiting his bride’s arrival. Yet, as he glanced down the aisle towards Elizabeth, he realized she wasn’t making her way towards him.

Elizabeth let the music play as she sang the song to him. The chosen song was “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

The song is lovely, but it became even more extraordinary when Elizabeth signed the lyrics to her soon-to-be husband. She even took a step towards him and continued signing as she walked down the aisle.

You can see it firsthand in this video.

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