Dad whose body is completely covered in tattoos undergoes transformation for the sake of his young daughter.

We have all made mistakes in the past, regretted choices we’ve made, and wished we could undo words we’ve spoken.

Not many people have regrets as big as Ethan ‘ModBoy’ Bramble, an Australian body fanatic with over 200 tattoos.

These days, many people express themselves through tattoos. Intricate and unique designs are very popular. However, most people have a limit on how much they are willing to spend on tattoos, and Ethan was willing to go beyond that limit.

According to reports, Ethan was only 11 years old when he made the decision to get his first body modification. This involved stretching his ears. Since then, he has undergone various procedures, such as splitting his tongue and removing his belly button.

Ethan’s tattoos are what people notice the most, since he is completely covered in them. He shared that he spent approximately $60,000 AUD (about $39,000 USD) to achieve his look.

Now, however, he has shown some remorse for his previous decisions.

“I guess you could say I regret some tattoos,” he shared with LadBibleTV’s No Filter series..

“Not just regret, I think there’s a difference between regret and wanting to be perceived differently.”

Ethan expressed his concern about facing judgment when doing everyday activities like taking his daughter to school.

“The face is a big thing that can lead to so many – for some people, not everyone – can lead to a lot of problems for yourself, which I probably wouldn’t want my daughter to have to deal with until she was a bit older,” he said.

“I wish that I had not gone as hectic as I did on my face.”

Ethan has been undergoing laser surgery to remove some of the tattoos he got when he was younger in order to improve his image.

He explained: “I’ve been getting laser [surgery], or have been, for pretty much 12 months… We do it in sections, but I’ve probably gone over the full thing six or seven times.

“I started getting it done because of the anxiety and stuff I was getting… Mental stuff is a funny thing to pin down, but I want to think that a lot of the anxiety was from just having a face full of tattoos.

“I’m happy with the way that I look, but I’m also happy with the mentality that over the next two years, my face tattoos are going to become less and less and less. I’m just clearing the canvas.”

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