Dad & fiancée exclude his daughter from their wedding after she bought a dress & shoes for it.

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A young girl recently revealed that her father and his future wife left her out of their wedding, and she explained why they made that sad choice.

“I (f18) was always pretty close to my dad. Closer to my mom but I often visited my dad (about 3-4 times a week). A few years ago he started dating “Anna”. Anna and I always got along when my dad proposed I was happy Anna seemed like she would be a great stepmom,” she started her post.

The OP expressed her extreme excitement and anticipation for the wedding. She purchased a dress and shoes, but her dad informed her that he and his fiancée needed to have a crucial conversation with her.

A couple of weeks before the wedding, after purchasing all the necessary items like the dress and shoes, my dad and Anna informed me that they wanted to have a child-free wedding.

It appears that “child-free” means no one under 18. Since I would still be 17 on the wedding day, I am not allowed to attend the wedding. Anna wants to adhere strictly to the child-free policy, even for the groom’s daughter and her soon-to-be stepdaughter.

OP was devastated and shared with her mom the hurtful words her dad and Anna had said to her. The mom, equally heartbroken, decided to take her on a vacation to lift her spirits. Meanwhile, the mom informed the rest of the family about what their ex-husband had done to their daughter. Naturally, they were all shocked and furious.

Later, OP shared birthday photos on Facebook and said, “I’m happy my dad and Anna didn’t let me attend their wedding when I was younger than 18; I feel more grown-up now.”

The family was panicking, questioning the truth and criticizing my dad and Anna. Afterwards, my dad and Anna sent me messages calling me immature and selfish, saying I was too immature to attend a wedding. Some friends mentioned I was being rude and should have ignored the situation.

Other Reddit users expressed their views and came to a consensus that the original poster was not in the wrong for informing the family about what her dad did.

It’s not right. How can a man not have his own child at his wedding? But hey, they made their decision. If they think it’s the right choice, they shouldn’t have any problem with it being known publicly. Besides, others might think you weren’t there because you didn’t like his new wife or preferred going on vacation. Letting people know the reason for your absence protects your reputation, as one person pointed out.

The rule of no children was specifically created for you. I apologize, but it’s important to understand this. She established that rule to exclude you. Now you are aware of your position in their marriage…which is nonexistent. I deeply apologize. You are not the asshole in this situation. Personally, I believe it was absolutely amazing. It may have been harsh, but it was epic. They deserved to be confronted even more. I would even enhance it by including screenshots of their text messages.

One person suggested, “I can’t help but think that she intentionally chose a date before OP’s birthday so she couldn’t attend. If the dad and step-mom wanted to have a child-free event but still wanted OP to be there, they could have scheduled it after OP’s birthday. But to have it just two days before… nah, they didn’t want her there and were just using that as an excuse.”

We think the father was wrong to exclude his own daughter from the wedding.

What do you think about this?

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