Cow cries all day and night for her lost calf – then she looks through the gate and sees the unimaginable.

It is always heart-wrenching to witness a mother being separated from her child.

Whether it is a human mother or an animal mother like this cow, the pain of separation is equally agonizing.

The cow was so devastated by the loss of her calf that she couldn’t help but cry. Her cries deeply touched my heart.

Karma was saved from a tiny farm where she endured awful living conditions.

The kind-hearted people at California’s Gentle Barn Sanctuary believed she would be thrilled to have a new and improved life. However, Karma couldn’t help but cry incessantly.

The calf was headed to the butcher

Karma’s new owners swiftly observed that her udders were brimming with milk and deduced that she must have recently given birth to a calf. However, they were puzzled as to why this information was not communicated to them when they rescued Karma.

They found out from the farm’s phone call that her calf had been sold for meat and was being taken to a butcher.

Karma’s calf was on a journey when the vehicle suddenly stopped working. Fortunately, the rescuers arrived just in time to save him from a tragic fate.

Before reuniting the calf with his mother at the sanctuary, they needed to soothe the upset animal.

The meeting between the mother and son at their new farm is incredibly heartwarming.

The young calf, despite being weak and stressed, quickly recovers his energy upon seeing his mother.

Watch the heartwarming reunion between a mother and her son in the video below.

A big thank you to all the animal lovers who dedicate themselves to helping animals in need.

Kindly spread the word about this story to honor the animal heroes who helped Karma reunite with her calf.

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