Caught in an Italian river the largest catfish ever seen.

The waters of the seas, lakes and rivers very often seem to want to hide real wonders . In some cases, they seem to be caskets that contain treasures, or rather mysterious creatures inside. The depths of the waters have always inspired numerous writers to create narratives to fuel the fantasy and mystery of the animals that animate the seabed . Very often some adventurers and fishermen have embarked in the hope of making  sensational discoveries .

It is probably the desire to find out which mysterious creature was hiding at the bottom of the river Po, in Italy, which prompted the fisherman who is the protagonist of the story, which we are about to tell, to try his hand at catching a gigantic catfish . Let’s see better what happened.

Alessandro Biancardi is a 43-year-old entrepreneur with a great passion for fishing . One morning, as he often did, he went to the river Po to fish. He seemed like a day like many others, but he didn’t think that this would become a special day , the one in which he would reach a dream that lasted 23 years.

” It all started as a normal day of fishing, I went to the river Po. I was alone on my boat , the water level was starting to go down after a big flood. There was silence around me, I stopped and I made a few casts, at which moment a powerful attack came . Then, the fish stood still for a few seconds before starting a very complicated fight .” The catch lasted about an hour, but it was his enormous experience that brought the fisherman to victory. ” I chased it for 40 minutes, when I hooked it it emerged from the water. That’s when I realized that it was the biggest catfish I had ever seen“. He couldn’t catch him, but in the end the intuition brought him towards shallow water, where it would have been easier to block him .

After the capture, Alessandro called some friends who helped him drag him onto a tarp where they measured him . At that point they realized the size of him, or 2 meters and 85 centimeters . Everything happened under the watchful eye of 10 witnesses, but the documentation must, in any case, be sent and studied by the International Game Fish Association (Igfa), which will then have the task of making the result official, and establishing whether it is really catfish largest ever caught .

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