Catching the right moment, 11 photos taken with perfect timing

Photography freezes a moment forever, but many times the timing is not on the side of the photographer, who manages to capture the image only moments after it all happened , when it’s too late. For this reason, very often the photos lose the magic they could have if they were taken at the precise moment in which everything happened .

So here are 11 images that demonstrate the ability of photographers to capture the right moment, taking pictures with perfect timing .

1. The photo taken moments before the disaster

” That Christmas when a champagne cork poked me in the eye “. Surely he came home with a swollen eye .

2. Acrobat cat who was climbing on his scratching post, and dropped his treats

You can clearly see the croquettes that are about to fall to the ground .

3. “Just Before Impact”: The calm before the storm. Soon everyone will be wet

4. He caught the moment when lightning strikes the tree: you can see the light spreading over the trunk

5. He was just trying to get his drink down

Suddenly the little one was soaked by the drink, the moment of impact is perfectly visible .

6. The moment she spilled the drink down his pants

He was pouring a drink, but he spilled it all over the customer ‘s legs . You can see the liquid coming out of the glass .

7. The cat on the wall is trying not to fall, you can really see the stunts he’s pulling

8. He snapped a photo just as the truck was stealing the sun

The photograph was taken at the exact moment the sun seemed to be on the truck .

9. Being able to catch an object fills you with satisfaction: you feel like a ninja

” After showing that you have quick reflexes , the drink becomes even tastier: it was the best of my life “.

10. He stopped the time he managed to capture the exact moment in which the night is expanding and is conquering the day

If he had tried a million times he would not have succeeded .

11. “My friend and I have been rehearsing this leap of heart all day for perfect timing”

They took the photo at the exact moment their feet came together .

On what occasions did it happen to take the picture at the right moment ?

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