Cat Who Lost Her Pups Adopted 3 Puppies As If They Were Her Own

It is known that when two people do not get along and come to hate each other, it is said that they are like cats and dogs. However, nature is constantly surprising us, even when it comes to unusual relationships between different species. Some time ago a touching story was known around this. It is about a kitten, named Kathlyn, who was found in an empty apartment in South Africa and who lost her puppies that she had just had .

According to information, she was found by a family that had just moved to that place, who failed to save the lives of the little kittens . Despite that, she Kathlyn developed a maternal bond after her new owners adopted her. And it is that this family that had moved to that apartment brought with them some puppies whom Kathlyn adopted as if they were her pups, even though she was a cat . The kitten’s owner, Izelle Marallich, explained that she was ” extremely affectionate and not afraid of any of my dogs .” In fact, she was surprised when the cat approached the puppies ” and rubbed against each one of them .”

With time, Izelle understood that what Kathlyn wanted to do was give the love that she had never been able to give to her children who had died . ” It was like she couldn’t deliver enough love ,” she added. The kitten continued to suffer for her former offspring From her. According to her owner, there were nights when she cried looking for her babies, something that was “heartbreaking” for her . Also, the pups didn’t quite understand Kathlyn’s intention at first. « They were a little confused and they walked away from her, but she was persistent. They began to get used to her licking them ,” said her owner.

From then on they became a family and the cat’s sorrows vanished . “ She is very protective of them and would get restless when they would get out of the playpen and walk away from her. She had never seen such a dedicated and loving mom ,” Izelle recounted. The story went viral on the internet, causing people to be interested in adopting Kathlyn, but that’s not an option for Izelle . ” She will stay with us and she will continue to be a loving and caring mother to orphaned animals ,” the woman closed.

Share this kitten adoption story with your friends and family. So they can see that a mom will help any defenseless baby.

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