Can you find the large dog hiding in this kitchen?

Look closely in this kitchen for the hidden dog. Optical illusions can play tricks on your mind. A picture shared by Christina Suvo made people doubt if there was any living creature in it. But believe me, there is a dog in there.

If you’re having trouble spotting it, that’s okay. We can go through it step by step. Begin by looking at each square in the picture, starting from the upper left corner. Tip: the dog can be found in square four, hidden in the bottom right corner.

No success yet? Pay attention to the difference between the dog’s bright stomach and the dark carpet. Notice small details such as his eyes, ears, and belly. Actually, his tummy’s lighter shade and the pink inside his ears make him a bit more noticeable.

If you’re having a hard time, the highlighted version can assist you. Now you can easily observe the dog’s face with its lengthy nose and large, cute eyes. It’s a grown-up black Labrador, a breed recognized for weighing around 65-75 pounds (30-35 kilos).

It’s amazing how this big dog hid so well in this picture!

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