Buffalo Tilts Its Head And Uses Its Horn To Open The Tube So It Can Drink

They say that ‘nature is wise’, or at least it is a saying that we often hear. But that is not always given the importance that such a saying really deserves. This was demonstrated with the video of a buffalo that left all Internet users speechless due to its great ability and intelligence .

Since social networks were created, they have given us access to different types of content. Some of the most repeated and most watched are videos of animals doing mischief or surprising things. Cats, dogs, cows, and even buffaloes, in this case, are the stars of this kind of video. Dipanshu Kabra posted on Twitter a curious video that left viewers very impressed to see it. In the video you can see how a buffalo uses its horn to operate a manual water pump . The animal, with great physical and mental dexterity, appears opening the water pump and then drinking from it .

The impressive video shows us how the animal kingdom works. It is known that they work through their instincts. But that is not necessarily why they should know how to use a tool that has been created by man, as has been the case with this intelligent buffalo . Twitter users have been totally amazed with the intelligence of this amazing animal . In addition, he did not only attend to his need for water, but the entire pack was able to quench his thirst thanks to his great intelligence . The video that Dipanshu Kabra posted on Twitter already has more than 15,000 ‘likes’ and has been shared hundreds of times.

Below you can see the video where this intelligent buffalo is seen opening a water faucet to quench the thirst of him and his entire herd:

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