Bridezilla Freaks Out Over Guest Stealing Food.

Weddings vary in shapes and sizes, yet there is a shared element among all of them. Weddings can be quite costly. On average, a wedding costs $28,000.

Brides and grooms often allocate funds for various things, but food usually takes the highest priority in terms of expenses. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that everyone who attends the wedding has a great time and leaves with fond memories of the day.

This is usually the best part of the day, but sometimes it can also cause issues. A bride on Reddit recently shared her experience of having an unexpected wedding guest who did something surprising.

The wedding was quite intimate with a focus on delicious food for all guests. Around 25 people were present, and a friend requested to bring his daughter and her husband just a few days before the event.

When they arrived, they did more than just come for the day. They brought Tupperware with them. The new visitor filled several Tupperware containers, seven of which contained food from the buffet and three that were filled with homemade cookies.

In addition, she also picked up a couple of beer bottles and some centerpieces to bring back home.

The situation would have been acceptable, but when the bride examined the present from this lady and her spouse, she only received a five dollar bill.

This woman doesn’t actually need the food, so don’t judge her too quickly. She has a reputation for being someone who takes advantage of others and despite having money, she simply refuses to use it.

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