Breathtaking Nature: 14 Times When She Amazed Us With Her Special Effects.

Mother Nature has always been the most amazing teacher and source of inspiration to man, who owes all his knowledge to his careful observation. But despite the fact that man has always continued to observe it and regard it as an important source of insights and discoveries, nature still manages to amaze us every day. Too often, in the hectic pace of modern life, we don’t allow ourselves enough time to observe it and continue to surprise us with its infinite creativity.

This is especially the case in big cities, where nature has gradually given way to human labor and has been relegated to confined spaces that are difficult to reach during our daily journeys. But precisely where she is suppressed with more force, nature shows the best of herself, creating sometimes truly amazing works of art and engineering, which only the most observant observers can really enjoy.

Below we show you 14 times where nature amazed us with her special effects.

1. Drawings of ice cream


On freezing nights, an artist decorates the roofs of cars with ice.

2. A tree that didn’t give up


Speaking of examples, this tree teaches us that no obstacle can stop our path; he grew by literally climbing on the rock!

3. Hair, mushrooms or ice?


They look like white hair strands, in reality they are ice formations on the mushrooms that have developed on the fallen branch of an alder.

4. An intruder’s signature


Nature knows how to sneak in everywhere, even in the most inhospitable terrain. For example, a lizard took a walk across this keyboard and left its signature as it passed.

5. A storm over the Pacific Ocean


Have you ever seen a storm from an airplane? One of the most beautiful spectacles ever.

6. Orange or Lime?


This orange may have been undecided about what it would become when it grew up and left the door open for a transformation into a lime.

7. Terrarium under glass


Nature does not care if she encounters something else: she integrates it perfectly into herself and finds purpose in it. For example, this small glass bottle has been turned into a terrarium.

8. A highly developed root bridge


9. A man in the desert


This large rock has taken the form of a Buddha statue over time: weathering are really great artists.

10. The chameleon’s incredible skin


11. Don’t give up


Nature never gives up, even when she seems to run out of room to continue. An example of this is this abandoned building in a city center: left to itself, it has gradually been retaken by vegetation.

12. Waitomo Caves


A unique spectacle that of these caves, whose ceiling is illuminated by luminous insects like a sky full of stars.

13. Lessons in Geometry


That rock knows geometry: the circle he drew is really perfect!

14. Starling


Beautiful and surprising this photo of the wide open beak of a starling. Don’t you also think it’s fantastic?

And you, have you ever been surprised by the spectacle of nature?

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