Boy Spends Almost 300,000 Euros To Be Barbie: After The Operation He Regrets It And Makes A Decision.

There are many people who would like to see themselves differently when they look in the mirror, who don’t like the way they look. Every flaw, no matter how small, seems insurmountable to them, but above all they consider small things to be enormous. They think that these imperfections attract other people’s attention, even though they most likely don’t even notice them.

Some people rely on cosmetic surgery to correct these minor blemishes. However, some people would like to completely change their appearance.

The protagonist of the story we ‘re about to tell decided to spend 268,000 euros to transform himself into a Barbie doll , but after getting what he wanted he regretted it and decided to make another drastic decision _ _ _ _. Let’s see in detail what happened.


Oli London is a 33-year-old British influencer, best known by the alias londonoli, who has always wished to look like a Barbie doll. Because of this, he considered undergoing cosmetic surgery to achieve this transformation. After several operations he managed to get the desired result . _ _ _ Too bad he wasn’t happy with it.


The first surgery Oli underwent was at the age of 23 to change the shape of his nose. However, after he succeeded in transforming, he was still not satisfied with his appearance and decided to transform again. It was years before he looked as much like Barbie as possible . _ _ Too bad that after he had reached his goal, he sat down for another one.


“Last year I was Barbie. After saying I was transgender I decided to do my first transformation, but then I decided to change again. I have over 233,000 pounds (or 268,000 Euros) to get my doll look. When I was Barbie I had a glamorous lifestyle. I went to events and walked the red carpet . I acted exactly like a blonde doll” .

After undergoing numerous surgeries to look like the most famous doll in the world, he decided to turn into Ken as he found that he could look like him without too many surgeries. That’s why she made her choice .

” Doing all these surgeries does n’t make me happy , but I decided to do it because I want everyone to live authentically and be true to themselves . ” _ _ _ _

What do you think about it?

via Daily mail

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