Boy Finds 100-year-old Levi’s Jeans: They Were In An Abandoned Mine.

If you are a fan of jeans, you will love this article. Not everyone gets the chance to explore abandoned mining towns and, most importantly, see original Levi Strauss jeans from the late 19th century when denim was still used as work clothing. because of its resistance.

Today, Levi’s clothing is considered fashionable, but in the past, it was not. The vintage pieces of this famous brand quickly find buyers. However, Brent Underwood managed to find clothes that are now rarities through his underground research.


Brent is a young American who has lived since his childhood near the abandoned mining town of Cerro Gordo , California. Fascinated by the underworld, he always promised himself that one day he would find a way to climb the walls and descend into the unknown depths to discover its secrets.

Today, he is a world famous explorer thanks to the many videos he has posted on social networks. By exploring the depths of the quarry, Brent hopes to find objects that will tell him the story of his hometown. To his great joy, he had a strange surprise during his last “geophysical” expedition.

Brent had to use several hundred yards of rope and a very precarious ladder to make this arduous descent. However, thanks to his skill and courage, he managed to descend without a problem. On the first floor, he immediately came across what appeared to be stacked clothes. As he approached and carefully examined the clothes, he realized their value: they were very old Levi’s jeans .


image credit: Ghost Town Living/Youtube

While they were once just plain work jeans, today they are very high in value, as many collectors would pay for original clothing from the late 19th century.

The famous brand Levi Strauss & Company started creating the famous blue jeans in the middle of the 19th century, discovering how durable and suitable this new fabric was for manual work, as it was very difficult to tear. Levi’s started doing business primarily in San Francisco during the California Gold and Silver Rush, as many mines were being dug and miners needed clothes for hard work.


image credit: Ghost Town Living/Youtube

Brent was delighted with his find, knowing full well that he held unique pieces of his city’s history in his hands .

source used: Ghost Town Living/Youtube

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