Bachelorette party goes wrong – one detail in photo makes them pack their bags and leave immediately.

It’s always thrilling to browse through group photos with friends. One person may be thrilled with their picture, while another might be captured making a silly face or caught in a fit of laughter.

It often requires multiple attempts to capture the perfect picture where everyone appears good.

The same thing happened during a bachelorette party when they posed for photos by a lake in Scotland. Little did they know, an unexpected guest showed up in one of the pictures.

During one summer, a group of ten young women, with the bride-to-be among them, journeyed to a secluded estate in Scotland for a bachelorette party. They were accommodated at The Coylet Inn, a well-known establishment located on Loch Eck in Argyll, Scotland. This historic building has been around since 1650 and provides a picturesque Scottish setting, surrounded by forests and a vast lake.

The women were all set for a enjoyable evening and decided to take a few group pictures. They stood in a row in front of the lake to capture the moment together. But, when they reviewed the photos later on, they spotted something disturbing.

There were eleven people in one of the photos instead of ten. A little boy in the bottom left corner was looking at the girls.

The boy in the photo was not seen by anyone before or during the picture was taken, and he was not at the hotel. He suddenly showed up in one of the group photos the girls took by the water that night, according to The Sun.

The girls were uneasy, so they left the hotel after learning about its eerie past. According to legend, a young boy who lived in the hotel with his mother used to sleepwalk. One fateful night, he sleepwalked to the water and tragically drowned. The next day, his lifeless body was discovered, pale and cold.

The girls refused to stay at the hotel for another night when they realized the boy in their group photo was the one who had drowned years ago.

The bachelorette party photos became popular in August 2018 when they were shared on Reddit, a social news website.

Marcusps1 posted ”This was taken in the middle of an estate in Scotland – no other people around especially not young kids/little men.”

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