Baby called ‘hideous’ is a gorgeous grown-up little girl now.

Angelica was born on May 6, 2018, exuding absolute beauty with her adorable button nose, stunning eyes, and a heart-shaped port wine stain on her face.

Marianna Bowering, Angelica’s mother, mentioned that despite the majority of her friends and family being supportive of Angelica’s birthmark, there are still individuals who find it appropriate to make remarks about her daughter’s looks.

“The worst comment online that I’ve gotten is when someone asked if her face had been pushed onto a skillet. Basically, saying her face looked grilled,” Bowering provided an explanation..

Regrettably, the first time I attempted this makeup look in order to resemble the beauty of Angelica, she was already fast asleep for the night. Therefore, today…

Marianna disclosed that her daughter had been targeted with hurtful comments, being branded as “ugly” and a “flaw”. The harshness and lack of empathy in those words further compounded the difficulties this family encountered, yet their strength and resolve to conquer these hurdles eventually resulted in a remarkable change.

Despite the offensive remarks, Bowering is exerting all her efforts to ensure that Angelica grows up with the understanding that she possesses inherent beauty, exactly as she is.

The mother, who is 27 years old, made the decision to apply makeup and replicate her 5-year-old daughter’s birthmark on her own face.

Bowering mentioned that the inspiration for the makeup look came from vascular birthmark awareness day, which promotes painting a heart on the cheeks. At first, only a heart was included in the makeup, but then the decision was made to fully embrace Angelica’s port wine stain.

I wanted to look as beautiful as my daughter, so I applied makeup to resemble my adorable little girl! However, she is still more beautiful than me.…Posted by Marianna Bowering on Saturday, May 16, 2020

Marianna felt upset when certain individuals mentioned that her daughter’s facial spots would eventually disappear, while others suggested that Angelica could hide them with makeup if she wanted to.

The mother felt even more hurt and frustrated by these comments. She couldn’t understand why her daughter had to conceal her natural beauty instead of celebrating it.

It was a sad reminder of the tough challenges people who don’t fit traditional beauty standards face, but it also highlighted the need for accepting and loving everyone, no matter how they look.

Bowering and her husband never felt their daughter’s birthmark was a source of shame. They make an effort to show her it’s something to be proud of.

Before finding the “birthmark,” Bowering decorated Angelica’s port wine stain with glitter to make it sparkle.

Bowering mentioned to TODAY that Angelica, who has a port wine stain on her face, is healthy and may be at risk for other health issues.

Fortunately, we have conducted examinations and Angelica is completely in good health,” Bowering mentioned. “We simply need to ensure regular check-ups, particularly for her eyes since glaucoma can be worrisome.”

Angelica, you are truly stunning. Never let anyone say otherwise.

Marianna, thank you for being a wonderful mother and always reminding your daughter that her birthmark is beautiful.

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