At the age of 5 she was elected “Most beautiful girl in the World” Today she is still beautiful.

The idea of ​​beauty is absolutely subjective and what one likes may not be liked by another. In short, tastes are tastes, but in front of an objectively beautiful person one cannot disagree, as in the case of the French model Thylane Blondeau . Born in 2001, at the age of five she was elected as “the most beautiful girl in the world” by Vogue Enfants magazine, a milestone that marked the beginning of her career. How did she become when she grew up? Has she kept her incredible beauty about her? Let’s find out together.

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Beauty comes from a set of characteristics , including personality, intelligence and mannerisms. But what is it that objectively establishes  someone’s purely aesthetic beauty? Certainly the symmetry of the face, the delicate features, the colors of the eyes and hair, the grace of the movements, all aspects that were not lacking in the baby model Thylane Blondeau , who at just five years old was declared the most beautiful girl in the world .

Thylane Blondeau/Facebook

The little girl, born in Aix-en-Provence, France , on April 5, 2001, after receiving this prestigious title, embarked on a modeling career , arriving to walk the catwalk for fashion houses such as Jean-Paul Gaultieri without stopping. At the age of ten she found herself at the center of numerous controversies , following a photo shoot in which she had taken part: according to the public, in fact, the clothing and make-up chosen for her were more suitable for an adult woman than than to a little girl, albeit a model.

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However, over time, her career has experienced a glorious rise together with her beauty, which has not shown signs of diminishing: beyond twenty years, Blondeau continues to be more and more splendid and tread the most important catwalks .

Despite the criticisms received for her premature start to this profession and, consequently, to the spotlight , the young woman continues to pursue her dream regardless of the controversy.

In 2018 he regained the title he received at five years old, climbing the ranking of the annual TC Candler nominations , which elects the most beautiful faces of the year. His star, therefore, continues to shine brighter and brighter, while his indisputable beauty continues to flare up without being scratched.

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