An Engineer Spends 18,000 Dollars And Transforms A Van Into A Small Dream Home.

Passionate about cars and transmission systems, engineer Jack Richens, aged 37, side by side with his girlfriend Lucy Hedges, aged 38, also an engineer, decided to make a formidable transformation: buying a used Mercedes Benz Sprinter of 2012 for just $10,000, and by spending another $8,500 to make adjustments and modifications, the little jewel on four wheels takes shape and becomes a comfortable home for four people.

Here is the miniature house designed and built by the couple that demonstrates how, when you have an idea and do everything to implement it, even the most ambitious projects become reality.

Here is the newly purchased Mercedes Benz Sprinter van, still stripped of all frills…

… and here it is transformed into a cozy cottage for four people.

Inside the van Jack and Lucy have included every comfort to allow as many as 4 people to sleep inside, as well as enjoy a good meal.

The van, in fact, includes a nice kitchenette and a bed immediately next to it.

The result of their hard work has been so satisfying that the couple prefer to spend relaxing moments in the van rather than in their home.

“The biggest challenge we faced was the one for the seats, which cost us $2,500”

“Then we spent another $2,000 on the heating system and electrical system,” Jack explains.

Since the two did not have large spaces, every small area available was exploited to the maximum.

As for the wooden interior, Lucy took care of it.

But Jack had also had a lot of experience with wood, in fact he had even had the opportunity to build wooden ramps for skateboarding.

And so the two, encountering many difficulties and some headaches, managed to complete the project, creating a comfortable home where even their children often enjoy spending time.

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