Amazing Similarities,16 Celebrity Look-alikes Spotted In Different Parts Of The World.

According to some legends, each of us is said to have seven doubles scattered around the world. With about 7 billion people populating our planet, it’s really hard to meet our double – or someone you know. Is it a matter of probability, luck or fate? We don’t know, but these 16 photos lead us to believe that behind every legend there is always a kernel of truth. In fact, some people have found the look-alikes of some celebrities around the world. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio has a Swedish and a Russian double. A George Clooney lookalike was spotted on the subway in Turkey, someone spotted Morgan Freeman’s lookalike in Mexico while making tacos, and a Barack Obama lookalike was also spotted in Mexico

1. A young Swedish Leonardo Di Caprio

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This man remembers the young Leonardo Di Caprio with his looks: it is no accident that he has this hairstyle and he took the photo in this pose.

2. Turkish George Clooney spotted.


One person took the subway, not suspecting that soon he would meet George Clooney’s Turkish twin. The resemblance is really incredible.

3. Hugh Laurie Russian.

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Is he willing to have some Dr. filming house scenes?

4. The Mexican Morgan Freeman.


Whoever took this photo never expected to find the Morgan Freeman lookalike making tacos in Mexico.

5. Asian Brad Pitt.


It’s definitely thanks to the big jaw, but the man on the left looks a hell of a lot like Brad Pitt.

6. Brazilian Danny DeVito.


7. Jim Carrey Russian.


8. Taylor Lautner and his double.


9. The Russian Leonardo DiCaprio.


10. Morgan Freeman Peruanisch.


11. Mexican Barack Obama.


This man looks so much like Barack Obama that these gentlemen wanted to take a picture with him: After all, who can claim to have hugged the former President of the United States’ double?

12. Michael Scott in Turkey


13. Laurence Fishburne and his double.


The hair, the smile, the eyebrows, the shape of the face, the little dimples on the cheeks: this man looks a lot like Laurence Fishburne.

14. Hulk Hogan’s brother.


15. Asian Mark Wahlberg.


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