After 37 Years Of Marriage, She Leaves Her Husband For Her Best Friend “I Fell In Love”

When you decide to get married, there is no guarantee that the marriage will last forever. However, there are cases when, although you understand that you are no longer happy, you do not have the courage to end the relationship and perceive the end as a failure. Some, however, prefer to look within themselves and make a different choice, putting their own desires first and facing the difficulties that this entails. So did an American woman who, after she passed the age of 60, left her husband to start a love affair with her best friend.

Liz Hilliard, on the threshold of 70 years old, is known for her enviable physical shape and her Hilliard Studio Method, with which she teaches people how to train their physique through fitness. But Liz’s personal story has given her even more popularity, because of her particular situation: After 37 years of marriage, she basically decided to leave the man she had shared most of her life with to be with her best friend, Lee. Hiliard revealed that she didn’t immediately realize what was going on inside her, but over time she unknowingly fell in love with her current partner. “I think this feeling has been developing for a long time without me realizing it. Can you change in an instant? Absolutely.”

At 64, she took a deep breath and then made her decision: she got divorced and built her life very differently. “The end of a marriage that had lasted too long freed me from the social bonds that had bound me and prevented me from being honest with myself. I became what I feared I would become and that set me free.”

Liz says she experienced limitations, doubts, and hesitations, only to find and express her freedom in a book titled, “Be Strong: Find Your Strength at Any Age.” Her former best friend and current partner, Lee, who works with her, has supported and guided her through the process of introspection and awareness. “Love often hides in the most unexpected places and in people. For me, it was right in front of my eyes. When I recognized my inner voice, it became clear that I had fallen in love with Lee. We weren’t just friends, but women who at the time both were going through a divorce process. She is 26 years younger than me.”

Despite the initial denial, Liz managed to accept what was going on inside her and found an alliance in the most unexpected people, albeit not immediately: her daughter and her ex-husband, who eventually understood and supported her. It’s never too late to get really happy, don’t you think?

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