A Young Girl Saves A Bumblebee And Adopts Her As A Pet: He Follows Her Everywhere And Sleeps With Her.

When we think of a pet, we certainly think of a dog or a cat, and then we move on to other creatures which are, after all, widespread and common. No one would ever think that you could adopt a pollinating insect and treat it like a true friend, so much so that you take it on excursions and sleep next to it.

No one, maybe, but not Lacey Shillinglaw, the 13-year-old girl we’re about to tell you about. While walking her dog, she passed a bumblebee lying on the ground in the street, visibly in distress, possibly from a broken wing. After trying to secure the insect on a few flowers nearby, the girl didn’t expect him to follow her. And from that moment an unusual friendship began.


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Lacey tried for minutes and minutes to leave the bumblebee in its habitat, but it was impossible. The insect approached her and decided to follow her. The young girl, therefore, returned home with the friendly insect perched on her shoulder .

After a few days, the wing issue was resolved and Betty – that’s Lacey’s name for the bumblebee – became the girl’s pet. He follows her almost everywhere, from shops to outings with friends, and even sleeps next to her in a glass jar she has placed next to her bed.


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According to the 13-year-old, the drone even accompanied her on a game of bowling with her comrades, refusing to stay outside the establishment. And it’s not uncommon that when Lacey does her daily groceries, people she meets are shocked to see her walk into stores with a bumblebee perched on her.


image credit: SWNS/Youtube

Of course, this may seem a bit strange to some, especially if you are afraid of bugs. For Lacey, however, everything is normal, and her friendship with Betty is something she is proud of every day. “I’m so happy,” she said, “I love spending time with her, she’s so sweet.”

“She’s absolutely adorable,” the girl’s mother said. Betty climbs her hair and doesn’t leave it all day, it slips over her face, her glasses, and even between her toes.


image credit: SWNS/Youtube

And Lacey does not skimp on the attention to her “pet” bumblebee: she feeds it sugar water, honey, and jam, and every time she takes it out into the garden, the insect quickly returns to her. . When it’s time for sleep and she puts it in the jar, she doesn’t close the container with the lid, and the bumblebee, incredibly, just stays there.


image credit: SWNS/Youtube

It’s a very special friendship, isn’t it? Although bumblebees can sting multiple times, this has never happened and probably never will. Would you keep such an insect with you?

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 Daily Mail

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