A young widow would come to her husband’s grave every week to water.

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Some women marry much older men for their inheritance, and the woman in this story is one of them.

Every week, without fail, she would visit her husband’s grave and tend to the flowers. However, as she left the cemetery, she always walked away with her back facing it.

A young man who saw this happening every week couldn’t resist talking to her and having a small conversation with her.

“I see that you have shown exceptional respect to your deceased husband. I noticed that you don’t turn your back when you leave, which is very beautiful!” he said.

The woman, looking straight into his eyes gave a reply that left him completely speechless.

“Well, sir, my husband always used to tell me that I have a behind that could raise the dead from their graves. I don’t want to take any chances!”

Isn’t this hilarious?

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