A Young Girl Sang An 80-Year-Old Song. When The Audience Heard The Girl They Went Crazy.

As the little girl stepped onto the stage, everyone wondered what they would witness.

Some argue that this blind audition on “The Voice Kids” is the best ever. The judges hardly turn their chairs so quickly.

Anna Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Anna’s flawless rendition of this 80-year-old classic will make you realize that you are witnessing the emergence of a future star. If you shut your eyes, you might think you’re hearing an angel’s voice.

In 1939, the song “Over the Rainbow” was written. Many know the lyrics by heart, but few can sing them perfectly. Only a handful of singers, like Judy Garland, have managed to impress the world with their performance.

Young Anna courageously auditioned for The Voice Kids, performing a popular song with the hope of impressing the judges. And impress them she did! Every single one of them!

Anna sings with complete passion and dedication, instantly transforming her into a superstar. Witnessing such exceptional talent in someone so young is truly rare! Keep it up, Anna!

Watch Anna sing “Over the Rainbow” on The Voice Kids in this incredible video.

If Anna’s performance touched you, don’t forget to spread the word about her to your friends and family. She’s a talented young artist who deserves recognition!

Check out the video down here:

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