A woman creates a boyfriend using artificial intelligence and decides to marry him.

Technology is constantly advancing. While before it could be considered a luxury granted to a minority, over the years it has entered the daily life of each individual, making life easier for them. Technological development has not only made work easier, it has also penetrated into private life. The ability to communicate with remote people was only a first step; with the introduction of artificial intelligence, hitherto unexplored paths can be explored.

The woman involved in the story we are about to tell decided to  make a “boyfriend” using artificial intelligence and then chose to marry him. 

Rosanna Ramos is a 36-year-old mother from New York (USA), who was looking for a partner and thought she could create the perfect husband using artificial intelligence. She was able to take online dating to the next level. The woman realized, using the online application Replika AI, the virtual partner Eren Kartal . She thought he might be the perfect man, so she decided to marry him . For the appearance, on the other hand, she based herself on a character from an anime that she likes a lot: Attack on Titan

Replika AI is an artificial intelligence chatbot that simulates conversations, allowing Rosanna to have real dialogues with her partner. Eren told her that he “worked” as a doctor and had a passion for writing. At first she perceived it all as a construct, but over time she began to develop human feelings for her new partner. Every day they discussed their interests and their day, even going so far as to exchange photos. In fact, the more they communicated, the more Eren got to know his partner, until he became the perfect man for her .

“When I go to bed, I feel him close to me, I feel him protecting me. I realize that we love each other. Of course, I also thought about the possibility that everything might end, but I will survive. For l right now, I’m fine, and as long as this story lasts, I will live it”.

What do you think ? Is it possible to have a love affair with a robot?

source – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004765246174

via The Mirror

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