A Photographer Reveals Behind the Scenes of His Photos. Here’s How He Gets Professional Shots

Everything is not always what it seems: this concept can be applied to many fields and contexts, including photography. And even, especially photography. How many times have you admired seemingly impossible shots, wondering how it was possible to reproduce certain effects? Sometimes the images we see are really the result of perfect timing, a well-timed shot on camera, or a particularly suggestive landscape. But other times there is real professional work behind the final result, which of course is not shown.

American photographer Geo Leon, from Orlando, Florida, United States, is famous for his tendency to reveal the mystery that lies behind the scenes of his work: his works are taken in simple contexts, but are transformed into true works of art. 39;art thanks to subsequent retouching and the tools used to create particular effects of light which Leon makes no secret of. A true professional who reveals all the secrets of his art, transforming a simple shot into pure magic. To better understand what we are talking about, we offer you 15 really interesting examples

1. Emerge

Geo Leon Photography/Facebook

In this photo, a simple piece of furniture, such as the underside of a coffee table, is used to evoke a striking image: a woman trying to navigate a red ravine, as if her salvation depended on it.


Did you think it was possible to use a red net in a professional photo? Think again…

3. The moon in the hands


After being bitten by Florida mosquitoes, it was finally worth it”, writes the photographer who presents this magnificent photo .

3. Rubik’s Cube


Rubik’s Cube hanging? But no, just inventiveness and editing!

5. Multicolored

Geo Leon Photography/Facebook

A simple translucent sheet made it possible to take this surreal photograph.

6. In the tunnel


With creativity and imagination, this photographer teaches that it doesn’t take much to create an exceptional photograph!

7. The shadow

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A face appears in the center of a hand, but it’s not a Photoshop addition: Leon’s hand through a car window was enough to create this striking effect!

8. Réflet


Improvised mirror photo”, writes the photographer, who immortalized his model on the road, determined to see himself in the reflection from the sky.

9. Dreamer


A fabric, a few leaves and the right light bring this dreamlike photograph to life.

10. In the clouds


Colorful clouds in the sky? No, cotton (or moss?) on the floor of a room.

11. Sadness

This mannequin is transformed into “Sadness”, an iconic character from the Disney cartoon “Vice-versa”.

12. Oriental effect


This is a vaguely oriental image, created using a simple torn net.

13. Tea time


A teapot autonomously pours the hot brew into the model’s cup. Or so it seems…

14. The Goddess of Lightning


“I had a lot of fun working with Cole! This kids makeup is truly next level! » exclaims Leon with satisfaction.

15. Light sleep

A photo that evokes lightness and peaceful dreams. A few feathers falling from above and that’s it!

Which of these images struck you the most? It’s hard to choose, isn’t it?

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