‘A miracle baby’, Black couple gives birth to a blond, blue-eyed child and doctors are in awe.

Version 1: Angela and Ben Ihegboro, a couple from Nigeria, moved to London. They already had two children when they were expecting their baby daughter. Little did they know that their newborn would amaze doctors and capture the interest of millions.

Version 1: Angela and Ben were captivated by their daughter’s beautiful blue eyes and golden hair when they saw her for the first time.

As black parents, they were initially surprised to have a white child. However, it didn’t take them long to affectionately call their little one their ‘miracle baby.’

Some doubted Ben’s paternity, but he is confident that Nmachi is his daughter. Even if the father were someone else, Nmachi wouldn’t look so different from the family if that were the case.

Medical professionals were shocked too. They are still puzzled by Nmachi’s light skin.

However, there are a few factors they mention as potential explanations. Firstly, they suggest that Nmachi’s appearance could be attributed to a specific genetic mutation. If she were to have children in the future, it is likely that they would resemble her. Secondly, it is possible that her parents carry dormant white genes from their ancestors, which have only become evident now. Lastly, another possibility is that Nmachi may have a modified form of albinism, although she does not resemble a typical albino child.

Ben says his daughter doesn’t resemble albino children he’s seen in Nigeria or books, but rather looks like a healthy white baby.

Version 1: Nmachi, born in 2010, is currently in good health and has brought immense joy and happiness to her parents.

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