A Man Rescued A Wild Horse’s Whose Legs Were Brutally Chained Together AND He Thanked His Rescuer With a Kiss

It’s really bad to treat a horse this way.

There are only a few remaining Europe’s last wild horses and they roam freely in the Delta Danube. As they have an effect on the ecosystem of the area, there are valid concerns about the rising populations of these wild and free horses. These horses are targeted as an exotic and alternative meat source and so that the horses also face excessive slaughtering. The local people aren’t always treating these beautiful creatures humanely. One horse was hopping around the best he could with his front legs chained together and spotted by a rescue agency. The inhumane people use these heavy chains on animals.

A veterinarian in the area who works with the Four Paws organization helped this unfortunate horse. Ovidiu Rosu saw that the horse was restrained and he quickly realized that the horse’s front legs were chained together. The people do this to make the animals easy to catch. These chains create crippling discomfort for the horses and also the obvious restrictions. So, people can hunt horses for meat. The chains also cut into their skin and damage the horse’s joints.

credit – YouTube

That day, Rosu knew exactly what to do to save the horse. In order to safely work on him, he shot the animal with a tranquilizer gun. It’s done for the vet’s protection and the horse’s protection too so that the animal doesn’t attempt to run away and thrash about while the vet can help him get free. Rosu worked quickly to get this horse back to running freely. The vet covers the horse’s eyes once the horse is down and that will help him be more restful and not panic.

credit- YouTube

Rosu cuts through the wires that attach the chains around the horse’s ankles with a pair of pliers. Other horses stand protectively and watching over their friend. He removed the cloth from his eyes and he stirs enough to shake off the sedative when the downed horse is conscious again. He was really happy after realizing that he can run again. Watch this touching video below.

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