A Man Discovers A 50 Year Old Wallet Inside An Abandoned Locker, And The Photographs Inside Leave Him Speechless.

Anton Lulgjuraj started collecting old storage units in New York state several years ago. He is one of those who turned treasure hunting into a full-time job. Treasure hunters search through people’s homes, garages, and basements in search of valuable items. They also participate in auctions for unclaimed goods stored in storage units, never knowing what they might discover. While some treasure hunters may come up empty-handed, others stumble upon valuable finds.

Anton bought a storage unit and found many things from an Air Force pilot. However, what caught his eye was a small locker. Inside, he found a worn-out wallet when he opened it.

Diane Hall owned the wallet. Anton found a California driver’s license from the late 1960s, an actor’s equity card, and some old photos that caught his attention. He was curious to find out more and locate the wallet’s owner. Further research online revealed that Diane Hall was none other than actress Diane Keaton.

He believed she would appreciate having her previous wallet, so he sent her a message. However, he didn’t receive a reply, at least not until his story caught the attention of the media. Anton expressed his optimism, saying, “I think everyone always hopes that if they lose a wallet, they’ll eventually get it back. So, this is fantastic.”


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