A Couple Adopts 4 Brothers So As Not To Separate Them: Now They All Live Happily Together.

Adopting a child is an act of generosity: it is welcoming a person into his own family and raising him, giving him the possibility of being loved and protected. It means giving a home to those who do not have one and giving a future perspective to creatures who have certainly suffered in the past from the absence of adult reference figures. Jennifer and Brandon Pratt showed infinite generosity, and not just to a child: they adopted four little brothers who lived in the same orphanage.


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When the biological parents cannot or do not want to take care of them, the children are placed in orphanages, waiting for a family to adopt them. Jennifer and Brandon are an American couple with a special connection to Brazil; they had long wanted to adopt children to expand their families. As they were already familiar with Brazilian culture, they decided to start filling out the paperwork to adopt four little brothers living in the orphanage in Recife-Pernambuco.


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Although the couple always wanted to adopt more than one child, they had no intention of adopting four children but – after meeting them – he did not hesitate at all: ” We decided to adopt them. all four to prevent them from growing up apart. They are calm children and they adapted easily! Separating the brothers, and thus dividing the family, would have been great suffering for the children, and what Brandon and Jennifer wanted to do was to offer them a happy and better life, giving each child the opportunity to grow up with his brothers and to share daily life together. After two and a half years of paperwork, signatures, and presentation of documents, Jennifer and Brandon officially welcome Leandro, Cristiano, Enzo, and William into their lives. The children had a difficult past: they were taken away from their mother who, through negligence, lost their custody. Today Jennifer and Brandon have the family of their dreams: united and happy; and, seeing the smiles of the children, we too understand that adopting the four was the best choice for their happiness.

source used: usatoday

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