8 Years Later, This Is What The “child” Consumer Looks Like.

In 2010 Ardi Rizal became famous around the world after some images and videos were published where the barely 2-year-old baby smoked cigarettes and did tricks with smoke.

According to his parents, at that time the little boy smoked up to 40 cigarettes a day.   After his story went viral, the Indonesian government took action on the matter and began detoxification treatment for the boy.

Fortunately, Ardi was able to overcome his addiction, but his anxiety led him to take refuge in another addiction: junk food.

As was to be expected, Ardi was going to want to fill that void with something else and he did it with junk food, until he gained excessive weight.

Despite the fact that his parents tried not to comply with their son’s whims, he became furious when he was denied food.

“He had to bang his head against the wall if he couldn’t get what he wanted. That’s why she gave her cigarettes at first, and then food, because of her temper and crying.” – Ardi’s mother commented.

When he became overweight from his obsession with eating, the government intervened again and put him through a new treatment.

The fight was not easy but now, 8 years later, Ardi is finally a healthy boy . The little one handles his emotions better and is free of all kinds of addictions. His daily diet is based on fruits and vegetables and not junk food like he used to.

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