8 Body Signs You Should Pay Attention To

Our bodies constantly communicate with us, informing us about everything that occurs within. When we are in good health, it becomes evident. Conversely, if we experience any health problems, our bodies send signals to alert us.

1. Skin turning yellowish

Liver problems can be indicated by the skin turning yellowish, which is known as jaundice. This happens because our bodies are unable to get rid of high levels of bilirubin. As a result, the skin and the whites of the eyes take on a yellowish hue.

2. White dots on the nails

If you’ve ever noticed white spots on your nails, it could be due to an injury. But if that’s not the reason, it might indicate a lack of zinc, calcium, or protein.

3. Cracked lips

Dehydration can cause cracks or blisters to appear, while using the incorrect lipstick can also be a reason.

4. Clubbed fingernails

Clubbed fingernails are a common indication of long-term lung issues, but they can also suggest problems with the digestive system. If left untreated, the nails may grow larger and curve downwards.

5. Canker sores

Hormonal changes or emotional stress can lead to the development of sores inside the mouth. If there is a deficiency, taking vitamin B-12 can also help prevent these sores.

6. White bumps on the eyelid

The small white lumps on your eyelids are known as styes. They can occur close to your eyelashes, especially if you have diabetes or dry skin.

7. Ring around your cornea

Arcus senilis, also known as the grey or white ring around your cornea, is caused by fat deposits. While it is common for older individuals to develop this condition due to their age, having arcus senilis in your eyes may suggest elevated cholesterol levels.

8. A very bright red-colored tongue

A red tongue can indicate an infection or a lack of vitamins. Oral herpes can also cause the tongue to appear bright in color.

Did you go through any of these? Let us know about your treatment in the comments section.

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