77-Year-Old Celeb Reveals Her Secret To Looking Young

Cher, the famous singer known for her timeless beauty and legendary career, made a stunning appearance on Good Morning Britain. She shared her secrets to maintaining her youthful looks at the age of 77. Viewers and fans were amazed as she discussed her approach to aging, fashion, and her recent humanitarian work.

Cher sat down with hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls, who were eager to learn how she stays so young and radiant. She surprised and inspired many with her insights, emphasizing that she would never cut her hair short or stop wearing jeans.

Susanna Reid was surprised by Cher’s personal mantra, especially since she had recently debuted a shorter hairstyle on the show. Cher humorously recounted a conversation with her friend Paulette about cutting their hair and stopping wearing jeans.

During the interview, Cher talked about her upcoming 80th birthday. She couldn’t believe she would be 80 soon, but she still planned to wear jeans and have long hair. She credited her youthful appearance to her family’s genes and staying up-to-date with trends. Cher also mentioned that maintaining friendships with younger people helped keep her mindset youthful.

“I have old friends too,” she added. “Honestly, I’m not trying to feel young or be young. I am what I am, whatever that means.” Cher’s refreshing attitude towards aging has contributed to her continued appeal and relevance in the entertainment industry.


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