7 Teens Sing Hit Billy Joel Song Wearing Barbershop Outfits.

It’s great to be able to make others happy. Entertainment can come in various ways, and sometimes you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to do it effectively.

At the West Oak High School’s spring chorus concert, we witnessed a remarkable sight. A group of young performers took to the stage and showcased their talents. Initially, there were five of them, but as the performance progressed, two more joined, making a total of seven performers on stage.

The team was known as a barbershop group called ‘West Oak HS Men’. Even though two members were girls, the whole group was fantastic in their performance and sound.

They didn’t strictly adhere to barbershop quartet rules, but they sang well and entertained the audience. Their performance was filled with humor, and they chose to sing For the Longest Time by Billy Joel.

You could witness the talent of these young performers during the show. At times, you hoped they would keep going with what they were doing, but then they surprised you with something even more impressive.

If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, you can view it in the video below.

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