5-yr-old finds mom ‘dead’ and runs to neighbor for help with baby sister in his arms.

Jessica Penoyer was surprised when she opened the door and saw her five-year-old neighbor standing there. He seemed to be holding a doll, but upon closer inspection, Jessica realized it was actually his baby sister.

Salvatore Cicalese, the boy, mentioned that his mother was deceased while she was in the shower. He described how he brought a stool to the garage door to reach the switch. He fell off the stool once before managing to turn the switch on his second try.

Jessica was alarmed by what she heard, so she quickly dialed the police. Emergency services arrived at Salvatore’s house shortly after. They found the boy’s mother unconscious in the bathtub. If Salvatore hadn’t acted fast, his mother could have drowned. His quick decision ultimately saved her life.

After receiving medical help, Kaitlyn Cicalese, the mother, began to feel improved.

She described experiencing a seizure and quickly losing consciousness. Additionally, she mentioned that Salvatore persistently asks her if she will be alright after the incident. He is concerned about whether she will have another seizure and if she is confident that she won’t die soon. Kaitlyn reassures him that nothing like that will occur, but if she does have a seizure, she is confident that her son will know how to handle it.

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