3-Year-Old ‘Listen, Linda’ Kid Demands Cupcakes.

Certain videos become viral and attract attention for extended periods of time, ranging from weeks to years. Some of these videos gain popularity due to their humorous or heartwarming content, making them worth watching again.

If you haven’t chuckled at this video recently, it’s worth watching again, maybe even more than once! It features Matteo Beltran at just three years old.

In the video, Matteo can be seen requesting cupcakes from his mother. However, his mother was not willing to give in and he was not simply asking, but rather making a humorous plea.

The ‘Listen, Linda’ video has over 35 million views. It’s surprising that it was uploaded nine years ago and is still popular today.

Many people were deeply moved by his request for a treat, but it was the way he asked that truly surprised everyone.

We’ve witnessed numerous viral videos throughout our lives, ranging from the Star Wars Kid to incredible basketball trick shots. I’m certain that each of us has our own personal favorites, but this particular video is definitely worth checking out.

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