23 Photos That Were Taken At Just The Right Moment.

Life is full of surprises that we often miss if we are not right when they happen. Fortunately, when we witness some peculiar situation, we enjoy it with pleasure and we are even more fortunate if we can capture that moment to always remember it.

These people managed to capture those unrepeatable moments on camera and these were some of the results:

01. When you have no idea what you’re doing…

02. This truck wants to steal the Sun.

03. How about my new look?

04. You are still too young for these things.

05. It’s mine! Get over there.

06. When the one you like goes with someone else.

07. The perfect definition of “jealousy”.

08. When you realize you’re not going to be the spoiled one anymore.

09. I don’t find it funny…

10. Not to judge, but…

11. Perfect timing.

12. When you want attention too…

13. Hunger or courage?

14. You can tell that my daughters were also excited about my pregnancy.

15. The moment you know you won’t have all the attention for yourself anymore.

16. The souvenir photo of my wedding.

17. What’s wrong with my human?

18. My mom got overly excited.

19. I think someone was craving my pizza.

20. When temptation wins…

21. One of the best photobombs in history with Michael Cera.

22. Without a doubt, the ideal moment for a couple photo.

23. Do you share me?

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