23 Photos That Prove Australia Is Not For Hobbyists.

Australia is an amazing country, with a lovely culture and a climate that resembles that of some regions of Brazil. However, you have probably heard some scary things about this country. Many of them are true!

In this list, you will see a series of images that prove that Australia is a very different place from any other that I have known:

1. Good nightmares!

2. The famous Wave Rock.

3. “I finally found something in Australia that won’t try to kill me. Here’s a banana for comparison.”

4. This is a termite mound!

5. Moment of tenderness:

6. The march of the caterpillar.

7. Common scenes in Australia.

8. “My leg itched and when I looked back…”

9. “It’s very hot here in Australia right now, and we wonder why the birds aren’t bathing in the basin we’ve left for them anymore.”

10. Two specimens of an extremely rare type of gecko, which is currently in danger of extinction.

11. The size of these hailstones!

12. In the rest of the world, snakes eat frogs, but in Australia the opposite is true!

13. Here’s a road sign you’ve probably never seen before.

14. Just another normal day in Australia, where frogs hitchhike with snakes.

15. In Australia, the fauna ensures that you stay at home.

16. Fish are different in Australia too!

17. The lush forest of Daintree.

18. A seal resting outside the Sydney Opera House.

19. An emu egg, in case you’ve never seen it.

20. This octopus should never be touched by a person who doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing.One wrong move and you can have it attack you, releasing an extremely strong poison, capable of killing a human.

21. Even earthworms are gigantic in Australia!

22. The size of this pineapple is just amazing.

23. “Honey, I think there’s a kid in our bug!”

Have you visited Australia? Share your photos with us! In this time of quarantine, the safest way to travel is through images, share this experience.

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