23 People Who Ordered Things Online And Were Disappointed When They Received Them.

There are many benefits and advances that we had with the popularization of the Internet, which occurred mainly since 1994. However, it is not all flowers.

Despite the fact that the Internet has given us the possibility of making purchases online, precisely this type of market provides us with a series of situations, at least amusing, in which people receive things that are totally different from what they had bought. In the following list we share 23 people who, without a doubt, tried some of the worst of buying online:

1. “I bought a half pepperoni, half mushroom pizza, but I didn’t expect it to come out that way.”

2. “I decided to buy a blanket online.”

3. “My wife bought a pool for our dog and that’s what came after a month of waiting.”

4. This Chinese sneaker gives good advice to its buyers: “Run, my friend.”

5. « This device is being sold for a hefty price on a website and promises to protect your computer from the dangers of radiation. However, this is what is actually inside the device.

6. Don’t believe in Instagram ads!

7. “Me and some friends from med school bought 60 shirts like this. The idea was that it looked like the stethoscope was on our shoulder.”

8. “My girlfriend bought a glove and all her fingers are the same size.”

9. “I bought a dress I can never wear.”

10. These aliens are a little different.

11. “Am I too stupid to think they would be like the box?”

12. “I bought a pillow with my face on it for my girlfriend. She did not turn out as I imagined ».

13. This is what happens when you buy from unreliable sites.

14. « I bought a stamp. It seems that the image did not work.

15. “What I bought vs. to what I received.”

16. “My roommate bought a $5 chair for his backyard.”

17. “The dish rack my wife bought from an Instagram ad.”

18. The idea was to buy a wall decoration, but ended up with a beautiful scarf.

19. “My dad bought really low-quality jeans, and the holes in his knees were literally little squares.”

20. This might not be the best selfie mirror.

21. When you buy furniture for your home and get furniture for your hamster.

22. « My girlfriend bought some arm weights for her, to use during her running sessions, and she ended up getting that. I’m still trying to convince her to go running with the hammer.”

23. This was definitely not the dress she expected.

Have you bought things online and received totally different things? Share your anecdotes! Send this gallery with your friends who love to shop online.

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